Fiery Eyes, an Eberron encounter

I run a bi-weekly D&D Eberron campaign, with a party of champions of Droaam. On a self-imposed quest to restore The Mournlands, they have become heavily entrenched in a battle between factions of Living Spells residing in the wastelands. I want to share one of the encounters I prepared for the party, because it seemed like a good one for other DMs to use as well.

Creating this blog

When I decided to create this blog, I had several options; creating a free blog on one of the many communities; or creating something that I could really call my own. Obviously, the tinkerer in me chose the latter option.

A new adventure!

For years I’ve been wanting to create a blog, but it’s something that I kept putting off. The main reason is that I wanted my blog to be a place where I talk about my personal projects. But these never felt complete or perfect enough to talk about (or finish at all) and so the blog kept being pushed back as well.