Fiery Eyes, an Eberron encounter

I run a bi-weekly D&D Eberron campaign, with a party of champions of Droaam. On a self-imposed quest to restore The Mournlands, they have become heavily entrenched in a battle between factions of Living Spells residing in the wastelands. I want to share one of the encounters I prepared for the party, because it seemed like a good one for other DMs to use as well.

In the encounter, named Fiery Eyes, the party set out to save a village of benign Living Spells and their leader Vaen ml’Aen Tajo, a Living Last Sight Vision. They have been captured by a raiding party, led by Ixem Garmth, a Living Flaming Sphere. The party is moving to intercept the slave caravan with the villagers, when everyone gets caught in one of the many Mournlands hazards, the Everlost Mist. Once inside, they have to deal with the deadly mist and fight off Ixem Garmth’s forces against the backdrop of a ruined church and its haunted graveyard, which results in a two-tier encounter.

The encounter is made as a two-tier battle for five party members of level 12. It’s quite possible for the party to trigger both battles simultaneously and even if they don’t, a short rest would result in the captured leader’s death. In short, a tense and deadly, but doable encounter. You can find the download link below;

Fiery Eyes, a two-tier encounter for a level 12 party (PDF)

If you downloaded the encounter, tell me how you liked at @brunoscheele on Twitter.

I want to thank to Wimwick of for allowing me to use this adaptation of his Living Flaming Sphere. The site is a great resource for D&D and for inspiration for Eberron.