A new adventure!

For years I’ve been wanting to create a blog, but it’s something that I kept putting off. The main reason is that I wanted my blog to be a place where I talk about my personal projects. But these never felt complete or perfect enough to talk about (or finish at all) and so the blog kept being pushed back as well.

But recently I remembered a lesson that I learned in my professional life, which is to iterate, iterate and iterate some more!

So I’ll stop waiting for a project to be complete or for this blog to be as polished as I want. Instead, I’ve taken the plunge to register a domain name, followed some tutorials and embarked on a this new quest.

What to expect?

This blog is named Binary Adventures, because it combines two of my passions;

  • creating beautiful software
  • playing games

In the same sense that playing games allow me to go on all kinds of adventures, creating software often feels like an adventure all in itself. One with a lot of side-quests!

Binary Adventures will be my spot on the internet where I can share tales of my adventures. These can be little snippets of code, a review of a game, monsters I created for my D&D campaign or apps that I’m working on in my spare time. I’ll be varied and unorganized :)

You’re welcome to join me and listen and to chime in at @brunoscheele on Twitter.