Core Animation - Press and Hold

Recently I was trying to create a Press and hold animation that was controlled by the user tapping, holding and releasing a button.

Reinstall iOS Simulators

TLDR; Use the following to completely destroy all your iOS Simulators and to create a new batch.

curl "" -o "simulator_populator.rb" && chmod +x simulator_populator.rb && ./simulator_populator.rb

Podcasts I listen to

During my daily bike rides to work (or my rare spells of exercise), I usually listen to podcasts. They’re interesting, often funny and very educational. And most importantly, while they’re all about subjects I’m interested in, they often touch on important subjects and issues I didn’t know about before.

Migrating from gitolite to Gitlab

At work, we’re using a gitolite server to store all our projects. However, because the current server is rather slow and gitolite is pretty cumbersome to use, we wanted to migrate to Gitlab.

Delft Design Approach - week 4

Last week was all about defining the design challenge. Having a well-defined design challenge, is a tremendous help in trying to design a solution to a problem. Something that a lot of people do, is to try and design something without guidance… without constraints.