Playing With Gold – Units and Operators in Swift

While playing around with the idea of creating a treasure generator for my tabletop gamer, I ran across Soroush Khanlou’s post on Units which seemed fun to try out.

Core Animation - Press and Hold

Recently I was trying to create a Press and hold animation that was controlled by the user tapping, holding and releasing a button.

Reinstall iOS Simulators

TLDR; Use the following to completely destroy all your iOS Simulators and to create a new batch.

curl "" -o "simulator_populator.rb" && chmod +x simulator_populator.rb && ./simulator_populator.rb

Podcasts I listen to

During my daily bike rides to work (or my rare spells of exercise), I usually listen to podcasts. They’re interesting, often funny and very educational. And most importantly, while they’re all about subjects I’m interested in, they often touch on important subjects and issues I didn’t know about before.

Migrating from gitolite to Gitlab

At work, we’re using a gitolite server to store all our projects. However, because the current server is rather slow and gitolite is pretty cumbersome to use, we wanted to migrate to Gitlab.