Podcasts I listen to

During my daily bike rides to work (or my rare spells of exercise), I usually listen to podcasts. They’re interesting, often funny and very educational. And most importantly, while they’re all about subjects I’m interested in, they often touch on important subjects and issues I didn’t know about before.

Everyone has their own podcasts they would like to listen to, but I want to highlight a couple of podcasts I listen to myself and would definitely recommend to you;


Isometric logo

“Gaming with perspective” with Brianna Wu, Maddy Myers, Georgia Dow and Steve Lubitz

Perhaps the most important of the podcasts I currently listen to, Isometric usually talks about games and gaming, with the hosts covering everything from game development, the ways they influence people and just plain how much fun they are and why.

However, they also discuss rather problematic trends in gamer culture such as the incredible lack of diversity in games and its rather horrifying consequences, such as GamerGate. It’s an eyeopener and has made me way more aware of my behaviour. Hopefully I’ll be able to fix all my bad habits so I can be inclusive to everyone.

Isometric gives you perspective, empathy and is just plain hilarious!

Accidental Tech Podcast

Accidental Tech Podcast logo

“Three nerds talking about tech…” with Marco Arment, Casey Liss and John Siracusa

A discussion between three friends is either very boring to listen too, or plain fun. Accidental Tech Podcast thankfully falls in the latter half.

Marco, Casey and John discuss various tech topics from different angles. If somethig big in tech happened, they’ll talk about it and give you some different opinions about it. That, or they’ll go on one of their entertaining rants!

Accidental Tech Podcast is fun and educational and like a conversation you would have with your techy friends.

Radiolab from WNYC

Radiolab from WNYC logo

“A show about curiosity” by WNYC Studios

Radiolab is a great show about very different topics. From deception to biotechnology to falling in love to many other topics. The show has great production values, which make listening to it a joy. And with every episode, I learn something new and fascinating and it makes the world a more interesting place for me.

Radiolab is a great show for curious people.

Reply All

Reply All logo

“A show about the internet” by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman

Every episode, Reply All tackles a topic that somehow involves the internet and explains or investigates it a way that everyone can enjoy. A bit like Radiolab, but solely about the internet.

Since the internet is such a big and important part of everyone’s lives, it’s a good thing for everyone to know a little bit about the obscure and sometimes scary things that can happen on or due to the internet. The production values are great and the stories are always a delight to listen too.

Reply All is a show for anyone curious about arguably the biggest part of our lives.

Total Party Kill

Total Party Kill logo

“Where a group of friends play Dungeons & Dragons for your amusement” by The Incomparable

Feeding directly into my lack of D&D sessions, Total Party Kill let’s me get my fix when while I’m doing other things, such as sports.

The podcast is serial, with every ‘season’ following a party of adventurers as they go on one adventure. As is usual with any RPG session, hijinks ensue and I’m coasting along, often laughing out loud at a joke probably only D&D aficionados get. This is a bad thing when I’m lifting weights though (laughter relaxes your muscles).

Total Party Kill is like you’re actually playing a D&D session.