Delft Design Approach - week 2

In this second week of the course, we deconstruct our morning rituals. The deconstruction happens by thinking about your morning ritual in three steps;

  1. What is your morning ritual?
  2. How do you experience your morning ritual?
  3. Why is your morning ritual like this?

What I liked about this excercise is the strict order it imposes on you. Each of the steps tries to show you a different perspective of your rituals. Sticking to a perspective until you’ve exhausted it, allows you to find insights that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, because you skipped ahead.

What was the hardest for me, since trying to name exact actions or emotions is hard. Coming up with characters, such as in How, is a lot of fun (I do play D&D) and thus was way easier. Why causes you to think about uncomfortable truths and the deeper meaning of your rituals.

This excercise reinforced something that I knew beforehand; to quickly and efficiently think about something, I type out my thoughts. This allows me to read, erase and edit my thought process to come to a result more efficiently. Writing my thoughts down with a pen also helps a lot, since I can add freeform drawings, arrows and other bits. But this always end up being slower.

If you’re interested in the video result of this week, check it out below. You can also read the exercise result in PDF.

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