Delft Design Approach - week 1

Some of you may have noticed I’m behind on the course. Luckily I’ve haven’t missed any deadlines yet! The first week of the course focused very much on recording your own morning ritual and forming some early thoughts about it.

The important thing with these kinds of excercises is that you have to be precise and honest. The course encouraged me to think about my morning ritual and figure out two things;

  1. What is my regular routine?
  2. Is there something that’s interesting?

The interesting part is usually a concern, or something that hinders you in your routine. For me, it’s my laziness. It causes me to procrastinate by playing games or reading stories. And because I have a very relaxed work environment, to leave too late for work than I’m comfortable with. So I’m usually in a hurry in the morning.

You can view my video about my morning ritual below, in glorious landscape with black bars. Sadly I forgot about Vertical Video Syndrome.

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