Delft Design Approach - prologue

Last week, I signed up for the edX course Delft Design Approach, which has since started.

Since I’ve graduated with a degree in Computer Science and a degree in Design For Interaction, I’ve done little ‘real’ design work. There’s loads of design that has to be done every single one of my programming projects, but it’s been awhile since I’ve tackled a design challenge completely. So this course will be a good chance to brush up my design skills again.

I’ve also been interested in the use of technology in education (my thesis was about this as well) and this looks like a nice chance to try out edX and see what a MOOC-platform like that can accomplish for students everywhere.

However, I’m still not sure whether I’ll be following this course earnestly. I hoped the course could be centered on an idea the student might have already. Instead, it’s centered around a theme, which makes complete and perfect sense. But the theme, morning rituals, doesn’t do much for me. Which I do think is sad.

I’ll participate the first couple of weeks, and maybe the theme will win me over. If not, I’ll use the course as a guide to keep designing around another theme. In either case, I’ll be blogging about it here!

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