Scavo Dreamclaw – Still alive

Scavo awoke again, his body aching in pain. Opening his eyes, he was only met with darkness.

“At least I’m still alive.”

He said to no one in particular. His voice echoed back, indicating he must be in a cave of some sort. If he listened closely, he could hear the drips of water further along the cavern walls.

Scavo’s wound was magically healed, though roughly. But well, what’s a few more scars under his scales. They did leave him without any clothes.

He stood up and walked, his hand on the cavern walls to guide him.

“Let’s meet my savior.”

Scavo Dreamclaw – Alone in the swamp

“Hnngh… if I get my hands on those orc gobblers…”

Scavo groaned as he opened his eyes. The putrid, greenish waters of the Tun Marches sloshed against his dented breastplate, turning black where blood flowed out of a deep cut under his black scales.

As he tried to turn his head, he saw the body of an adventurer floating nearby, with an arrow in their back.

“Serves them right… skaven cowards.”

A large, black shadow fell over him, rows of glistening fangs glistening faintly. Glowing green eyes watched as Scavo blacked out again.

“You will do.” It spoke in Draconic.

Snippet of the Week – Pages2PDF 🤖, a Sidequest with Automator and AppleScript

A couple of weeks ago, my better half asked me if there was an easy way to convert a ton of Pages documents to PDF. One that didn’t involve opening and printing each of them to PDF one by one. I didn’t know about any useful utilities, but I always wanted an excuse to try out AppleScript and Automator. So that’s what I did!

Snippet of the Week: Rating Your App ⭐️

Everyone knows that a 5-star rating on the App Store is a great way to convince other users to download your app. And of course, we try to avoid 1-star reviews like the plague. However, how do you convince your user to leave a review?

Snippet of the Week: Lighter and Darker Colors 🎨

Especially when you’re prototyping user interfaces, you tend to use quite a bit of colors, especially colors that are derived from one another. You might have defined a base color; for example UIColor.purple. But afterwards, you might also need a darker version for shadows, or a lighter version for emphasis. Instead of opening an color picker and searching around for awhile, consider how easy it would be if you could just do; UIColor.purple.darkened or UIColor.purple.lightened. Let’s do this!