Delft Design Approach - week 2

In this second week of the course, we deconstruct our morning rituals. The deconstruction happens by thinking about your morning ritual in three steps;

Delft Design Approach - week 1

Some of you may have noticed I’m behind on the course. Luckily I’ve haven’t missed any deadlines yet! The first week of the course focused very much on recording your own morning ritual and forming some early thoughts about it.

Delft Design Approach - prologue

Last week, I signed up for the edX course Delft Design Approach, which has since started.

Fiery Eyes, an Eberron encounter

I run a bi-weekly D&D Eberron campaign, with a party of champions of Droaam. On a self-imposed quest to restore The Mournlands, they have become heavily entrenched in a battle between factions of Living Spells residing in the wastelands. I want to share one of the encounters I prepared for the party, because it seemed like a good one for other DMs to use as well.

Creating this blog

When I decided to create this blog, I had several options; creating a free blog on one of the many communities; or creating something that I could really call my own. Obviously, the tinkerer in me chose the latter option.